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Project model

Project model

The project model is used to visualize conditions, starting points, and interrelationships for change projects. The project model visualizes the structure of the project in a flow, with a clear starting point and desired result. The model shows the roles and individuals that are included in the project, and also what their responsibility is. Below, we can see an example of a project model for the project “Map and implement”. The model visualizes the project from when the assignation comes in, to when it’s done, which in this case is a process in operation.

Support for the coworkers

By adding texts of descriptions, checklists, and policies, the project model supports the leaders of the projects and those involved. Using project models, you can also make sure that internal and external projects are based on the same framework, which creates a mutual way of working with projects. In 2c8 Apps, you can create project models and integrate these with the business’s existing processes. By reusing objects from other model types, you’ll get a clear image of how everything is connected and affect the project.