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Product model

Product model

The product model shows what our products and services look like.

product model

Visualizing services and products

In order to create consensus on services and products, you can visualize what they contain in a product model. Here you can also clarify whether the meaning of other concepts used within the organization is the same.

A product model describes what a product or service consists of, i.e. existing input and result, which is also described in the processes. Here we structure product models, the service portfolio or what consists of what and the relationships between them.

Product model in 2c8 Apps

The product model is one of many models available in 2c8 Apps, which lets you visualize all parts of your business. By mapping your business and making the models available for the entire organization in the browser, you create a common ground regarding your product and services. Read more about 2c8 Apps here!