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Interested party model

Interested party model

In an interested party model, the company’s relation with its surrounding world is described – those who require something from us and those we require something from. The interested party model is an important part of the business management system, where you can clarify the requirements that must be met in order to have a prosperous business.

interested party model

Identify interested party's needs and demands with the interested party model

In a visual interested party model, the business, for example, can be placed in the middle with a relation towards those who affect and those who are affected by the organization. Those who have some sort of interest in the object placed in the middle then becomes the interested party of the object. However, an organization doesn’t have to be in the center. An interested party model can, for example, be based upon IT-systems, projects or a process. You can also describe the stakeholders’ relations towards each other, outside the area of the business. These relations can consist of everything from the customers’ customer to the suppliers’ supplier.

Interested party models in 2c8 Apps

One of all the model types available in 2c8 Apps is the interested party model. In 2c8 Apps, you can visualize and describe the relations with stakeholders, whether it’s about IT-systems, the business or a project as the main focus. This way, when mapping your processes, you can always base it upon the requirements and needs expressed by your stakeholders. By having the relationships with your stakeholders defined, visualized and described you can ensure effective compliance of requirements and regulations. Click here to read more about regulatory compliance with 2c8 Apps!