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Conceptual model

Conceptual model

A conceptual model is a visual model consisting of concept definitions. The conceptual model refers to strengthen communication between people and define the business language. The conceptual model can be used in many different situations where you are documenting the business. When mapping the business and its processes, it is optimal to use the conceptual model to define words occurring in the different models and clarifying it for the end-users.

Define by the relations to other concepts

In the conceptual model, we define concepts by relating them to each other. In the example above, we can see that the word “UX-designer” catches the “User experience” and is responsible for the “Design system”. “UX-designer” is also apart of “Developing product” and “Carry out product care”. By relating these terms and concepts to each other, we have now gained a greater knowledge of what the word “UX-designer” entails and means. In 2c8 Apps, along with the rest of your model types, you can create conceptual models. This contributes to better communication within the organization. The end-user can easily navigate to different conceptual models to gain a better understanding of the different business terms.