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Process model

Process model

In order to visualize your processes, you need to build sequences and structures of them. A process model should describe why, what, who and how through activities which are carried out sequentially to meet a need. The processes contribute to a natural focus on improvements since they are the meeting ground between the requirements put on the business and the internal ability.

process model

The process model describes inter-functional flows.

In a highly readable process model, there should always be one or more inputs and its equally important to describe what the result of the process is by an output. The input could be both what should be processed and what’s triggering something being carried out.




The expected result from an activity is often input to the following activity. By visualizing the result from an activity we achieve a distinctness in the fact that its the same output as input between two activities.


process model


In addition to the flow of activities, roles and positions are also used in the process model to describe who is responsible for a certain activity. 


process model roles

Process models in 2c8 Apps

One of the many types of models available in 2c8 Apps is the process model. In 2c8, you can map your business’ main- and sub-processes. These processes work as an essential part of the business’ management system since you through the processes can show that you meet the set requirements, standards and laws.

When mapping your processes you can optimize your flows by describing the resources, requirements, and risks that the process is affected by. This way, you can easily identify areas of improvement in each individual process. Read more about business development here!