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Business Development – grow your business with 2c8 Apps

Business Development

Business development is a broad term to describe countless business activities. It generally refers to initiatives, actions and activities to improve business practices. It could include market expansions, financial growth, increasing profitability or building strategic partnerships. Successful business development requires collaboration and coordination across multiple business functions and departments over time. Research, actions, plans and goals have to align across the organization to generate improved development. 2c8 Apps makes business development easier.

Grow and develop your business with 2c8 Apps

Business development and change often start with aligning priorities, visions and goals for your business. With 2c8 Apps you can visualize your business from multiple perspectives to disclose opportunities for development. In addition to a convenient mapping tool, 2c8 also offers a proven method for leading change and development. Learn how to hold workshops on business development and use 2c8 Apps as a tool to implementing procedures and processes for continuous change and development. Manage roles, responsibilities and accountability to encourage more widespread involvement in developing your business and organization.

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Cykloteket grew their business and 2c8 Apps was a helpful tool in expanding their business operations

A few years ago Cykloteket, a Swedish reseller of bikes and biking equipment, was growing rapidly. As the business expanded their was also a growing need for creating more refined business processes and procedures. 2c8 Apps became a helpful tool in Cykloteket’s expansion and allowed business processes and requirements to be implemented in new stores as they were being set up. Pontus Ericsson, CEO of Cykloteket, says: “We have worked a lot with 2c8 Modeling Tool on  a strategic level to evaluate and streamline routines and process flows. We also use the tool to test new ideas and scenarios…”. For Cykloteket 2c8 Apps has been a useful tool to manage their business development.

2c8 Apps -your tool to visualize, organize, prioritize and optimize

2c8 Apps is the visualization tool giving you a 360 degree vision of your organization and processes. The modeling tool not only allows you to map various aspects, elements and layers of your organization but also to connect them to resources and processes. It results in a network of maps and models, all describing a certain part of your organization. 2c8 Apps makes it easy to see how inputs, outputs, resources, stakeholders, requirements etc. are interconnected. 

This visualization makes it easy to create an understanding around how to organize and prioritize resources to optimize performance. Thus, 2c8 Apps is particularly useful to drive business or organizational development. 2c8 Apps makes even the most complex processes or situations straightforward. It facilitates communication which is generally key to rally support and understanding for change and development. In visualized processes and when organizing and prioritizing processes and procedures glitches, bottlenecks and other below par activities often become apparent. 2c8 Apps is thus often used as a quality management tool to ensure set standards and procedures are met.