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Business development

Business development

Business development is a broad term, but shortly put it’s about developing the business and their processes for the better. Development can focus on different areas within the business such as business, such as market development, environmental work, innovation management, or quality. To manage a successful development of the business, collaboration and coordination over multiple functions and departments are necessary. This is made possible by viewing and analyzing the processes of the business.

Process-based business development - visualize the needs with 2c8 Apps

To improve and develop a business, you need to identify and visualize the existing needs. With help from a visualization tool such as 2c8 Apps, you can map all the processes of your business and thereby visualize where there is a need for resources, roles, positions, IT-support, equipment, and other qualifications. By visualizing the processes, identifying risks, opportunities, or demands put upon the organization becomes a lot easier.

Queries that enables business development

To make the inner productivity of the business more effective, and to contribute to a longterm, sustainable development, you need to optimize the processes based on a few simple questions:
  • Why does the process exist? What demands and needs are supposed to be satisfied? What is triggering the flow and what values are expected to be created and for who?
  • What is supposed to happen? What processes/activities are executed in which order?
  • How do we do it? What descriptions are available to support the tasks being executed correctly? Are there support-systems, equipment, instructions, templates, and checklists supposed to be used?
  • Who is responsible and who executes?
  • What roles/positions are involved? Who is responsible for the task being executed correctly? Is there someone who’s supposed to be consulted and someone who’s supposed to be informed when the activity is being performed?
Simultaneously as you map your business, these questions are answered and the processes are optimized based on competence, resources, time, or demands. This means you and your colleagues have access to clear task descriptions and can focus on doing the right things at the right time and with the right skills for the purpose. Take a look at some of our example publications here!

Try 2c8 Apps for your business development

Are you looking for a tool to assist you in your business development? With 2c8 Apps, you get a better view into the processes of the business and can easily notice all areas of improvement. Try 2c8 Apps for free today, or book a demo where our consultants guides you through the software and answeres your questions.