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Risk Management

Risk analysis with 2c8 Apps

A risk basically consists of two factors – the probability of something going wrong and the negative consequenses it entails. Organizations and businesses operate in a world of uncertainty. Unexpected external and internal events can have repercussions on economic performance, brand reputation, employee safety, the surrounding environment, customer relations etc.

Risk analyzes aim to identify and value the risks which can affect the business in a negative way.  Risk analysis enables working with either eliminating, mitigating, or completely avoiding the identified risks. The risk analysis can be applied within many different areas and in many different situations. It can, for example, surround information security as a whole or for separate processes within the business.

Proactive work surrounding risk analysis

Whether you are using a method such as “What-if”-analysis, HAZIP, or FMEA, you can efficiently handle the gathering and evaluation of risks within your organization using 2c8 Apps.

In order to create a broader understanding of risk management within an organization, you often use maps and models. Within these business adapted models, you can easily identify where the risks are located and map the measures needed to handle the uncertainty. 2c8 is a unique tool for mapping and modeling every step of the subprocesses, and simultaneously connecting them to the main process and overall framework.