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Project management

Project management

Efficient project management involves coordinating resources in a timely manner to reach a certain output by a set deadline. Outside stakeholders and requirements often put further demand on project managers to maintain an efficient workflow to accomplish project deliverables. 2c8 Apps is an effective management tool to help you continuously manage your projects from start to finish.

2c8 Apps is a well-developed project management tool

2c8 Apps offers practical solutions to facilitate the project management process. In addition to visualize, organize and prioritize work tasks, 2c8 Apps allows you to manage resources, meetings and relevant documentation.

Visualize, organize, prioritize

2c8 is an excellent tool to visualize, organize and prioritize activities and resources to manage any project from start to finish. The tool allows you to break down each project element in activities, responsibilities and assignments. Furthermore, you can connect resources and responsibilities with a certain role at a given point in time. Maps and models can be created by managers, co-created by teams or produced in workshops. Created maps and models are easily shared with teams and stakeholders, who can view or monitor the project’s progress.

Manage teams

Each team gets an overview of the project and their responsibilities. The tool allows you to break down tasks and processes into team specific activities. Each team can view stakeholders, participants, deadlines, potential bottlenecks, requirements etc.

Manage meetings

2c8 Apps facilitates the coordination of meetings. Visualize where in the project meetings are necessary and what outcome these meetings must generate. Get an overview of the impact meetings have on the project’s progress and other outputs. Maps and models will also show what positions or roles are needed in the meetings. Meeting notes and other relevant documents can be linked to scheduled meetings.

Manage documents, agendas, to-do-lists, schedules etc.

2c8 Apps allows you to manage relevant and necessary documents, notes, agendas or schedules relevant to a given process, activity, role or position. These documents can either be shared externally or kept private within a specific team or project group. It is easy to keep track of decisions in previous meetings and keep notes available for review.

Share online

You can easily share the maps and models you have created with other people on your team or in your organization. It is possible to share general overviews or detailed plans describing activities and responsibilities.

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