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Quality Management

What is quality management?

Quality management is the collective name for activities driving excellence within an organization or business. Quality management often involves processes such as quality planning, assurance, control and improvement. These subprocesses can relate to a specific business function or span across numerous departments. The International Standard Organization has developed guidelines, ISO 9001, for organizations to ensure the products and/or services they deliver are on par with international standards and meet set requirements. By complying with ISO 9001 organizations assure there is a consistence in the products and services produced. Quality management often requires consistent work and iterative processes to continuously assure quality standards are met. 2c8 Apps facilitates your quality management processes.

Quality management with 2c8 Apps - ensure compliance and make iterative improvements

2c8 Apps is an appreciated tool in quality management across industries. 2c8 Apps visualizes processes and structures making it straightforward to oversee procedures and results. Our knowledgeable consultants can help you develop your current quality management system or guide you in implementing a new one. Quality management work often involves a fair amount of documentation, including guidelines, checklists, agreements and legal frameworks. In 2c8 Apps relevant paperwork can be directly linked to the activity, role or processes it concerns. Thus, it is quick and easy to ensure compliance and make necessary updates or improvements.

ArcelorMittal achieved improved quality assurance with 2c8 Apps

ArcelorMittal is a steel manufacturing corporation and users of 2c8 Apps. With the help of 2c8 Apps ArcelorMittal are continuously following up and improving processes and procedures to ensure the quality of their products. The company has furthermore seen less deviation in their quality controls since implementing 2c8 Apps. According to quality manager Anders Olsson, implementing 2c8 Apps has helped the organization work more continuously with improving their processes and consequently they have less deviations in their quality controls.

2c8 Apps - your to tool to visualize, organize, prioritize and optimize

2c8 Apps is the visualization tool giving you a 360 degree vision of your organization and processes. The modeling tool not only allows you to map various aspects, elements and layers of your organization but also to connect them to resources and processes. It results in a network of maps and models, all describing a certain part of your organization. 2c8 Apps makes it easy to see how inputs, outputs, resources, stakeholders, requirements etc. are interconnected. 

This visualization makes it easy to create an understanding around how to organize and prioritize resources to optimize performance. Thus, 2c8 Apps is particularly useful to drive business or organizational development. 2c8 Apps makes even the most complex processes or situations straightforward. It facilitates communication which is generally key to rally support and understanding for change and development. In visualized processes and when organizing and prioritizing processes and procedures glitches, bottlenecks and other below par activities often become apparent. 2c8 Apps is thus often used as a quality management tool to ensure set standards and procedures are met.