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Regulatory compliance

Regulatory compliance

Ensuring legal and regulatory compliance is fundamental to all businesses. Neglecting relevant regulatory frameworks can become an expensive ordeal for businesses. It is thus important for business management to makes sure staff and managers in the organisation are aware and informed about rules, regulations and frameworks they are expected to uphold and comply with. A business management system can be used to provide information about regulations associated with a certain role or position. Such a system can also support those responsible for compliance on where and when they need to follow-up to ensure regulations are met.

Compliance with 2c8 Apps

2c8 Apps provides an efficient solution to continuously monitor and follow up on compliance. By providing check lists and responsibility matrices employees are informed of what is expected of their role. Frameworks and relevant documents are also easily linked to a certain role. By making information accessible employees can easily find out what regulatory frameworks govern the tasks and activities they perform. 2c8 Apps also makes it easy to identify glitches and failures in compliance, allowing the organization to quickly address those issues. 

Responsibility overview

2c8 Apps allows you to assign responsibilities to a certain role or position. By retrieving lists and matrices from your model it is easy to view who is responsible for a given activity, process or outcome. It is possible create reports on roles, positions and responsibilities making it easy to share such information internally or externally. 2c8 makes compliance easy as responsibilities and regulations are directly associated with a position or role, holding  the individual in this position or role directly accountable.

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